Italian mill worker awarded £31k for race discrimination

Italian factory worker has been awarded £31,000 compensation after suffering
years of racial discrimination.

to BBC Online, Salvatore Barresi, 38, from Leeds, won a complaint of
discrimination and unfair dismissal against P Garnett and Sons paper mill in
Otley, West Yorkshire.

said co-workers threw teabags and pieces of wood at him and told him to return
to Italy. He resigned last year, suffering from depression.

Graphical Paper and Media Union, which supported Barresi, said the case was
unusual because he did not come from an ethnic community normally associated
with race discrimination.

employment tribunal awarded Barresi £20,000 for injury to feelings, £5,000 in
aggravated damages, a further £5,000 for psychological damage and £1,134 in
loss of earnings.

Quentin Reade

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