Job applicant’s attempts at French leave employer confused

Guru received several e-mails concerning hilarious job applications. But his favourite came from Disciple Laura. She received one that was written partly in English, partly in French, and partly in gobbledygook. Laura’s e-mail was made even better by the fact she appeared to write in at least two of these languages herself. Here it is as it appeared. Enjoy.

Hi Guru!

After reading A testament of work experience this week, which my office this very amusing as we often get similar letters of application, although not as amusing as this. However, back in 2001, my company received the following letter:

Cher Monsieur/Madam!!!

Je parle Francais. J’habite a Londres. J’aime beaucoup manger les pommes de terre(in case you do not speak French, this bit says: I am French, I live in London, I like eating potatoes).

Je suis tres interested in you position of administrator. As I have proven, I have excellent knowledge of both the English and the French ‘words’. Also, I am quick to spot mistakes in the advertisment you have written, ‘…and Excel. French knowledge….’ and Excellent French knowledge…’ Well I know that Paris is the capital of France, Nice is in the South of France and a French kiss a bit rude!

I am free for an interview on Wed 27th June between 2 and 3pm or Mon 2nd July at the same time. Let me know which suits you best. We can discuss the salary when we meet.

See you soon/A beintot

Keep them coming, disciples. Guru is off for a petit mort… er… lie down.

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