Jobseekers opt for fulfilling work over career prospects

Interesting and meaningful work is more important than career prospects for jobseekers, according to research.

Four in 10 respondents to a survey by consultancy BlessingWhite said work that challenges or stimulates them was the most important factor in choosing their next job.

Two in 10 said they were primarily looking for work that satisfied their personal values, and 15% said they were looking for a job that fitted their lifestyle.

Just 7% of the 153 employees who took part in the survey said that a move up the career ladder was top of their priorities.

Tom Barry, managing director of BlessingWhite Europe, said: “Our research shows that the traditional notion of a career is just not ringing true for a vast proportion of the workforce.”

The survey revealed an opportunity to increase the length of time staff stay at a company, with 84% happy to stay where they are.

Employers need to stop making assumptions about what employees want from work and actually ask them, according to BlessingWhite. They should also provide clear, accessible opportunities for progression that may include lateral moves across the business, rather than vertical promotions.

“It’s good news for employers that staff do not expect organisations to take full responsibility for their development,” said Barry. “If both sides communicate clearly and honestly, this issue can be tackled together.”

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