Employees offered £10,000 to find solicitors for Eversheds law firm

Law firm Eversheds is offering a whopping £10,000 bounty to any employee who successfully refers a solicitor for employment at its London office.

The firm increased its bounty from £6,000 last month after reviewing its growth strategy.

Under the new reward scheme, staff receive £5,000 for referring a new recruit at the level of business service provider, and £3,000 for legal secretaries and administrative staff. The bounty is paid in the first payroll after the new employee joins the firm.

Lisa Campbell, resourcing manager at Eversheds, said: “We wanted employees to know we’re committed to our growth and to our people, regardless of whether they’re a secretary or a solicitor.

“One of the most important aspects of recruitment is a good culture fit, and we thought the referral programme would be an effective way of ensuring that.”

Last month, the firm received 27 referrals, compared with five in September last year.

Campbell said she was not concerned about people taking advantage of the system, because the recruitment process would still be very thorough. “There’s a certain element of trust involved, too, and I don’t think our employees would recommend people that weren’t suitable for the firm,” she added.

Workers who refer people outside the London office receive bounties of £6,000, £3,000 or £1,000 for the same categories.


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