Ken and co get very lively

Go team!

Authors: Ken Blanchard, Alan Randolph and Peter Grazier

Price: £8.99

Published by: The Ken Blanchard Companies

Contact: 020 8540 5404

ISBN 1-57675-262-3

This new guide from the prolific and ubiquitous Ken Blanchard and his associates builds on the principles of two earlier productions: The One-Minute Manager Builds High-Performing Teams and High Five! The Magic of Working Together.

These two lively books captured the excitement which heralded the widespread adoption of the concept of empowerment in the 1990s.

Well now it’s time to move on, as the trio decide “it’s time to take your team to the next level”. And they certainly set a dizzying pace as the book zips through ideas and activities for transforming a group into a team that generates benefits for the individual team members and the organisation as a whole.

There is much that feels fresh and new about this book and I was impressed that some of the old teambuilding favourites, such as going off-site, were treated as secondary to the core concepts of mutual trust and responsibility.

Readers from training, HR or line management will find that the authors’ priorities are in the right order – but may feel slightly exhausted as they race through them.

Useful? Four stars
Well written? Three stars
Value for money?
Five stars

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