Kineo’s rapid E-learning delivers results at Cable&Wireless

Kineo and Cable&Wireless have partnered to create a smart approach to Rapid E-learning that has delivered results to the business at speed.

Both organisations proudly share the successes in a joint case study released today.

The new case study, now available on Kineo’s website, explains how in 2007, Cable&Wireless was a business going through the first half of its transformation journey.

This transformation meant new levels of responsiveness to its customers.

To deliver on those challenging key business and customer requirements, Cable&Wireless needed a new model for e-learning delivery – one that could provide rapid response, high quality and cost-effectiveness.

To achieve this Cable&Wireless chose to partner with Kineo, the leaders in rapid e-learning, to collaborate with its internal team to develop new ways to address business requirements.

The smart approach to rapid e-learning is helping to transform learning in Cable&Wireless, by delivering more e-learning for less.

Mike Booth, Learning Technology Manager at Cable&Wireless says of the partnership:

“Cable&Wireless is highly experienced in bespoke e-learning and we were very familiar with the typical timescales and per-hour costs for traditional bespoke models. We needed a partner who could respond to very short timelines, work to our costs, and deliver quality rapid e-learning that delivers results for our learners.”

“Kineo met these needs, and that’s why we now partner with Kineo to deliver all of our rapid e-learning. “

Steve Rayson, Kineo Managing Partner, says:

“Our collaboration with Cable&Wireless is proof, if anyone still needed it, that a Rapid approach to e-learning can transform organisations. Through our focus on design and quality, coupled with efficiency in development, we have delivered over 30 modules for Cable&Wireless, in an average timeline of three weeks per module.”

“We’re immensely proud of the collaboration and look forward to further collaboration with Cable&Wireless and all other forward-looking organisations seeking value from their investment in learning.”

In the coming months Kineo will release further case studies explaining how its rapid approach has brought value to organisations including BP, Google, Marks & Spencer and others.

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