KPMG Australia partners with Kenexa to enhance business success through Human Resource strategy

Kenexa (NASDAQ:KNXA), a global provider of business solutions for human resources, today announced that KPMG in Australia, one of the world’s leading professional services firms, has chosen to use Kenexa’s award-winning HR solutions to transform its talent management approach.


With Kenexa’s global recruiting technology – Kenexa 2x BrassRing® – KPMG in Australia will be able to improve its recruitment, pre-hire assessment, on-boarding and succession planning capability. This will create a strategic recruitment process that integrates all sources of talent and optimises its workforce performance.


“Talent is the key differentiator in the marketplace and we take it very seriously,” said Jessica Harrison from KPMG. “We were looking for a system that could manage our talent recruitment process end to end, from application to the onboarding stage. Early testing showed that the Kenexa technology was adept at consolidating our processes. Our relationship with Kenexa will assist our strategy of being the best firm to work with and foster our talents’ development throughout their time at KPMG. Later down the track, we’d like to take it one step further and integrate the Kenexa technology into our succession planning strategy.”


The Kenexa 2x Onboard™ solution, which provides a seamless bridge between the candidate experience and the employee experience, eliminates paper, cycle time and data-entry errors associated with new employee onboarding. The integrated HR solutions have been shown to reduce overall hiring costs and improve organisational performance.


Duke Daehling, EVP of Strategic Accounts at Kenexa, commented: “Ensuring that a high quality person is in the right position and has the right information to be effective at their job is a true science. We are thrilled to welcome KPMG Australia to the Kenexa family of clients and to demonstrate to them our dedication to multiplying our clients’ successes.”

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