KPMG to provide Oyster cards to all staff in bid to reduce CO2 emissions

Professional services firm KPMG has linked up with Transport for London in a new environmental 
aimed at reducing car travel among its staff and partners.

In the first scheme of its kind, all of KPMG’s 10,300 workers in the UK are being offered an Oyster card to encourage them to make more use of public transport while travelling within London on behalf on the firm.

The Oyster card is a form of electronic ticketing used on Transport for London and National Rail services within the Greater London area.

Dr Ashley Steel, the KPMG board member who led the initiative, said: “KPMG people need to travel regularly between our 22 offices in the UK. If all London-based people switch just one taxi journey a week to using an Oyster card, then more than 300 tonnes of CO2 emissions can be avoided over the year. 

“By offering Oyster cards to all our UK people, then even the occasional business traveller can take advantage of the benefits that Oyster cards bring while travelling in London, including helping to cut CO2 emissions.”

KPMG staff working outside London will also be encouraged to have a card, which they can use when they enter the capital and join the London transport network, which also helps to avoid queuing.

London Mayor Ken Livingstone said: “I hope that other businesses follow KPMG’s lead – giving their staff the benefits of cheaper fares, and easier journeys that are available with Oyster.”

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