Lack of influence keeps UK workers stuck in a rut

Nearly 40% of the UK feel “stuck in a rut” but unable to make their lives better, according to research.

Just over a third of 2,200 people surveyed by insurance company Churchill, believe that money is the biggest obstacle preventing them from reaching their goals.

About 18% said a lack of time prevented them from challenging themselves to lead the life they wanted and that a 27-hour day would turn their lives around.

When questioned about what people saw as the biggest everyday challenge facing them, 16% said having a good work-life balance with more men (23%) than women (13%) finding it a major issue.

Getting on the property ladder (10%, getting the right job, (8%) and having children (6%) were also listed as major everyday challenges.

Christine Webber, psychotherapist and life coach said: “It’s very tempting to blame other people, or outside influences, when life isn’t as fulfilling or happy as we’d like it to be. Yet when we seize control of our lives, we tend to feel proud of ourselves and are much more content.”

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