Lack of qualified staff available in the technology industry

The Scottish Technology Industry Survey 2008 has shown a continuing theme in the demand for skills and constraints to growth since the first survey in 2006.

Ironically it may be the lack of the highlighted primary business skill by respondents, Sales and Marketing, which is in turn restricting the ability to attract this talent to the sector.

As 81% of total respondents have found access to suitably qualified staff either difficult or very difficult, and with ‘good sales ability’ being the most sought after of business skills in this years survey, it is obvious it is an issue which needs to be addressed.

With the survey identifying this lack of sales skills availability in technology for the past three years, it is clear that a level of cross sector employment needs to be introduced, and as identified by the latest E skills report, introducing people to the technology industry through sales and marketing requires less industry training than those technical skill based roles.

That said, as discussed at a recent meeting with the Scottish Enterprise Minister Jim Mather attended by Wendy McDougall, Managing Director of 9-20 recruitment, this barrier to growth cannot be handled by small companies themselves. 

On the topic of the current sales and marketing market 9-20 recruitment’s Managing Director Wendy McDougall has said,

“Although their has been an air of caution surrounding companies and their sales projections for the year, one thing that has been particularly apparent is the increased attention we are seeing to companies sales strategy for the future.”

She continued, “With these companies investing for pipeline we have seen a particular increase in demand for business development skills and in terms of marketing with the well publicised increase in attention to web 2.0 there has been a significant hike in the demand for e-marketing and digital marketing skills of late.”

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