Land Rover improves policy after staff vote

Land Rover has claimed it has the best paternity and maternity package in
the car industry, following an agreement reached last week.

Staff on maternity leave will now receive full pay for up to 40 weeks, while
paternity provision has been doubled to 10 days at full pay, after nearly
three-quarters of staff involved in a ballot on the issue voted in favour.

Previously staff on maternity leave were entitled to full pay for 12 weeks
and then £62.20 a week for a maximum of 12 more weeks.

Marcus Sinclair Taylor, HR planning and policy manager at Land Rover, said,
"We are working towards having as diverse a workforce as possible to
represent the community we work in and our customer base."

Land Rover’s paternity move will be popular among its male-dominated 11,100

A similar maternity deal was announced by Rover’s parent company Ford last

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