Lesbian estate agent claims she was fired for getting pregnant

A lesbian estate agent said she was sacked from a company that claims to be Britain’s first gay and lesbian owned and run property agency for getting pregnant.

Corinna Slow is claiming unfair dismissal and sexual discrimination against 2Let after her boss, Kevin Newman, dismissed her while she was 16 weeks pregnant.

Slow told a Brighton tribunal on Wednesday that Newman had failed “to consider the possibility” that she might have a baby.

But Newman said he fired Slow, a former manager of the 2Let office in Hove, East Sussex, because of poor performance.

Slow said she was reluctant to mention her pregnancy because she had previously suffered a miscarriage.

Newman admitted that he had been told Slow was having a baby by one of her former colleagues but said he had asked her to improve her performance before she was sacked.

Slow became pregnant last May after artificial insemination and now has a six-week-old daughter.

The case continues on 18 May.

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