UK employers becoming less ageist

UK employers are increasingly turning to older workers to meet their office needs, research released today suggests.

In light of speculation that the nation’s retirement age is set to rise, recruitment firm Office Angels polled 1,600 employers to examine current attitudes to age in the workplace.

The findings include:
38% believe British attitudes to older workers are slowly changing, with employers more inclined to look favourably on experienced workers than in previous decades
66% say relevant skills and a positive attitude are more important factors than age when deciding to offer someone a job
19% of businesses now offer ‘age’ incentives, such as part-time working, to encourage experienced staff to continue into their later years.

Paul Jacobs, managing director of Office Angels, said:  “Homogeneity doesn’t equal harmony at work. The most successful business managers recognise the benefits of a diverse workforce – where a variety of skills, personalities and perspectives, regardless of age, combine to create a productive and happy working environment.”

But he warned ageism remains an issue in the workplace. “The key for anyone employing new staff is to look at the skills needed for a role and to hire the best person to fill that gap, regardless of age – great recruitment really is as simple as that,” he said.

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