Lesbian soldier could march away with £400,000 after winning sex discrimination case

The Army could be facing a payout of almost £400,000 after a lesbian soldier’s claim for sex discrimination and discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation was upheld in court.

An employment tribunal in Leeds ruled that Kerry Fletcher had her career cut short by the unwanted sexual advances of a senior male colleague, who victimised her with text messages and propositioned her.

Fletcher, who joined the Royal Artillery in 2004, is claiming £381,000 compensation, based on the wages she would have earned if she had stayed in service for 12 years as she had planned.

The sexual harassment took place at the Royal Artillery’s facility at RAF Topcliffe, North Yorkshire.

The tribunal heard that a senior sergeant had sent Fletcher a series of smutty text messages, boasting her could ‘turn her straight’.

Damages will be awarded at separate remedy hearing.

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