Letters: Bright ideas left in the dark as employers fail to see the light

It seems crazy that so many employers fail to seek new ideas from their employees (Personnel Today, 14 June).

Effective employee involvement creates such an opportunity that it should be seen as a ‘win-win’ scenario.

But businesses can only unlock that potential if they approach the opportunity in the right way, by demonstrating a lasting commitment to building dialogue with staff.

Too many organisations launch a suggestion scheme or something similar in a blaze of publicity, but then fail to follow it up, or explain to employees what they are doing next. This leads to frustration and resentment, and is almost worse than doing nothing at all.

Employers should seek employee ideas and feedback on a daily basis, but they must ensure they are geared up to managing that process if they are going to reap the rewards and encourage lasting creativity.

Paul Sweetman
Associate director, Fishburn Hedges

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