Lincolnshire Police says job application boom is due to it being the only force hiring

A police force that was inundated with requests for 1,500 application forms in just two hours of launching a recruitment campaign has put the demand down to being the only force in the country currently recruiting, the recession, and the fact they haven’t advertised jobs for two years.

Earlier this week, Lincolnshire Police was bombarded with calls and e-mails after it launched a campaign to recruit 60 officers. It has now closed the application process due to sheer volume of interest.

David Freeman, the force’s senior recruitment officer, told Personnel Today that he had never encountered such a response.

He said: “The campaign opened at 8.30am Monday morning. By 10.30am, we had 1,500 application requests – 850 by e-mail and the rest by telephone.

It’s been a success because it’s been two years since we’ve recruited so we’ve got people wanting to join us. Also because of the recession and we are the only police force recruiting – that will have a factor.”

Lincolnshire Police began advertising the posts in November, but officially launched the recruitment campaign on Monday. HR worked with the local university, colleges, Connexions and job centres to promote the roles, while neighbourhood policing teams distributed posters in the community.

An advert was also placed on the national Home Office website

Alan Jones, chairman of professional development at the Police Federation, said: “Lots of forces are not recruiting. We are in limbo with officer numbers. If people are queueing up that doesn’t surprise me. It’s still a sought-after role and job, and well-regarded as an employment prospect.”

A spokeswoman for the Association of Chief Police Officers confirmed that some forces were not recruiting because of the current economic climate.

She added: “It is not uncommon for forces to receive 1,500 requests for application forms within two hours of advertising positions. Policing is a popular occupation and there has always been more demand for jobs than positions available. The economic downturn may, of course, mean that many more people who may have lost their jobs are considering policing as a career.”

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