Local Government Employers plans to sharpen up its act after internal review

Local Government Employers has launched an action plan that aims to connect with local authorities and improve communication across the sector.

The plans follows a period of consultation to mark the first anniversary of the creation of Local Government Employers, which represents employers on pay, pensions and employment issues.

The consultation found levels of interaction with the organisation vary and that there was a need to raise its profile.

It therefore plans to introduce a ‘sounding board’ with more than 40 members to act as a “‘critical friend’, as well as a programme of regular regional visits by senior Local Government Employers staff.

It will also review its branding and website, and steps will be taken to improve communication.

Jan Parkinson, managing director of Local Government Employers, said: “Raising the profile of the organisation will be a priority in the months to come. It is clear that people think there needs to be more dialogue and communication.

“From reaching out better to local authorities, regional groups and other stakeholders to reviewing our branding and communications, we must look to the future.”

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