Local government pension scheme members vote to strike

The Transport and General Workers Union has confirmed its members in the Local Government Pension Scheme have voted to strike in the row over pension rights.

The union said industrial action is now set for Tuesday 28 March.

The vote follows a decision by the government and the local government employers to take away some key retirement rights for members of the pension scheme.

The T&G and 12 other public sector unions involved say it is wrong to penalise council and other workers when other public sector workers have had their existing rights protected.

Tony Woodley, T&G general secretary, said: “This strike is about low paid council workers, the majority of them women, defending themselves and claiming what is rightfully theirs.

“They have been told they cannot take their full pension rights at age 60 after years of hard work and paying into the scheme. This is unjust and, in our view, unnecessary.”

Woodley said he hoped a settlement could still be found if there was a political will.

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