London bus drivers take to the streets in protest over lack of toilet facilities on bus routes

London’s bus workers are taking to the streets of the capital today (Thursday) to demand proper toilet facilities on bus routes and at their workplaces.

The workers, members of trade union Unite, are threatening a full strike ballot if Transport for London (TfL) and London’s local authorities don’t unblock planning obstacles and speed up action to provide facilities.

The bus workers will take part in a series of protests at key London transport and local government offices.

Unite organiser Peter Kavanagh said: “The lack of facilities for these essential London workers is no joke. It is a disgrace that a workforce who keep this city moving and carry 5.4 million passengers every day are being denied basic facilities.”

Some drivers have been so desperate for a toilet break they have had to relieve themselves in public places and been arrested, he claimed.

A spokesman for TfL said it had a £1m budget for the provision of new toilet facilities.

“We have made a lot of progress in recent years, and are now in a position where more than 95% of routes have toilet facilities at one end of the route at least,” he said.

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