London Underground to cut 1,200 jobs and close 144 ticket offices, claims RMT union

As many as 1,200 London Underground jobs will be cut under plans to close more than 140 ticket offices, the RMT has claimed.

The union said it has obtained a leaked copy of a London Underground spending review, which proposes that main terminals will retain a full ticket office function, smaller central stations will have ticket offices open at peak times, with the remainder – 144 stations – reduced to ticket machines only.

Bob Crow, RMT general secretary, said: “The savage cuts to jobs and ticket offices exposed by RMT show that all the pledges about services to passengers being protected from the £5bn cuts programme are worthless.”

The RMT insists that London Mayor Boris Johnson was elected on an explicit manifesto pledge to ensure a manned ticket office at every station.

“RMT will mobilise a campaign to stop these cuts and this union will take whatever action is required to defend our members’ jobs and a safe and efficient service for the travelling public,” Crow said. “The pressure is now on Boris Johnson to stick to his word and ensure this plan is ditched.”

Transport for London said no firm decisions have been made, but added that the organisation had a duty to be “ready for changes that arise” when upgrade work is completed.

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