LondonWaste becomes the first UK organisation to use Kronos Workforce Analytics

Leading waste management company, LondonWaste, is the first organisation in the UK to use Workforce Analytics, part of the Workforce Central suite from Kronos.

Workforce Analytics will provide LondonWaste with the workforce intelligence it needs to make sound business decisions by assessing how labour performance can affect the company’s bottom line.

Workforce Analytics will extract data from LondonWaste’s existing Kronos time and attendance system and turn this into key employee information to help make informed business decisions.

The project is due for completion by the end of April 2008.
Commenting on the decision to move to Workforce Analytics, Mark Beattie, Head of IT at LondonWaste said, “With 450 of our own employees and 300 contract staff working 24/7 over 13 sites, it’s becoming increasingly essential that we have complete visibility to our workforce and that we have the capability to measure and benchmark the performance of each of our locations. The workforce intelligence provided by Workforce Analytics will enable us to do that.”
One of the anticipated benefits of Workforce Analytics will be the facility to push timely management information out to selected managers, for example the weekly labour costs versus the budgeted costs, or the actual overtime bill versus the budgeted bill, or a comparison table of absence levels across all 13 sites.
Mark Beattie explained, “It’s easy enough to get to the end of the month or year and take a snapshot of how the business has performed – which location outperformed the others? Did the salary bill exceed the budget? How much more did we spend on overtime etc, but the hardest part is figuring out what workforce-related factors affected these results, or what we could have done to change the outcome. Workforce Analytics will enable us to continually analyse the workforce-related contributory factors and trends, and help our managers to uncover opportunities to improve workforce performance and control costs.”
LondonWaste anticipates a number of additional benefits once Workforce Analytics is up and running, including the ability to measure the total cost of lost time such as lateness, absence or simply the few minutes of lateness per day allowed by the Kronos time and attendance system and therefore not deducted from salary.

The ability to easily analyse individuals, groups of employees or entire locations will also provide LondonWaste with valuable insight into the factors that affect the performance of a location.

For example, is a high absence rate at one location the result of a handful of employees being habitually late or the entire workforce being late occasionally?
“To be 100% useful, workforce intelligence needs to be accurate, timely, easy to access and simple to understand. We expect Workforce Analytics to deliver on all counts,” commented Mark Beattie.

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