MA in Management Learning and Leadership (MAMLL), Lancaster University

How long?
A two-year, part-time programme, MAMLL is designed to provide the conceptual and experiential stimulus for improving management, learning and leadership practices of participants, and their organizations. MAMLL is intended for people in, or entering, leadership and/or management development roles

Entry requirements
Normally an honours degree or equivalent plus several years work experience.  With significant work experience the degree requirement may be modified.

There are three annual residential workshops in each year of the programme; each is designed to introduce a major theme in Management, Learning and Leadership. In between the workshops participants work in action learning sets that meet regularly either face to face or virtually. The programme is supported by a networked learning environment. The themes of each workshop are:
Year 1
(i). Learning Communities (5 days)
(ii).          Processes of Inquiry (5 days)
(iii). Exploring Management, Learning and Leadership (5 days)
Year 2
(iv). Individual and Organizational Learning (5 days)
(v). Social, Political and Organizational Dynamics (5 days)
(vi). Review: Final Workshop (2days)

Career opportunities
HRD; management education; management development; organisational development and consulting. The programme is also suitable for senior managers and executives with a particular concern for the development of their staff.

Contact: Jane Purcell, programme coordinator:
01524 594019

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