Managers are out of touch with their staff

Managers are out of touch with the needs of staff and don’t understand their priorities, according to a new survey.

The research by the Randstad UK consultancy found that nine in 10 employees said achieving a good work-life balance was important to them, but less than two-thirds of managers recognised this.

Meanwhile, managers consider factors such as recognition, salary and management style to be more critical contributors to job satisfaction.

However, findings also indicate that the attraction of flexible working is undermined by concerns over economic uncertainty, and perceptions that it does not afford the same level of security as permanent employment.

Only 6 per cent of respondents agreed that they would seriously consider giving up their permanent job to take on a temporary role.

Hans Hoogeveen, Randstad UK’s managing director, said:  “It is worrying to find that managers appear not to be in touch with the priorities of the people they employ, and think that factors such as recognition and the way they are managed are more significant motivators for staff.”

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