Manufacturer to keep tabs on staff through fingerprints

A fuel pump manufacturer in Scotland has introduced a biometric fingerprint scanning system that can monitor the working hours of its employees, and integrate the results directly into its payroll and HR system.

This month, Tokheim will finish installing the system to monitor and manage attendance at the company’s Dundee manufacturing site.

The company aims to boost the accuracy of its payroll system to 100%, by eliminating error-prone rekeying of data.

Lesley Norcross, from Tokheim’s finance division, said 100% accuracy had not always been possible with out-dated systems that require manual input.

“With Kronos Workforce Central [the new system], we will have a system that requires the minimum amount of human intervention and no manual data input, enabling us to achieve 100% accuracy with our payroll administration.”

The new system will give Tokheim’s supervisors the ability to deal with absence or lateness immediately, and management will gain data analytics tools.

“In a busy manufacturing environment, with staff located across a large area, it is essential that supervisors know when production might be affected by staff shortages,” said the firm.

Tokheim has 2,500 employees worldwide.

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