Many Christmas temps in UK stores offer poor customer service

‘Tis the season to be jolly – unless you are being served by temporary staff, according to research.

One-third of customers surveyed by psychometric assessment firm SHL Group said the short-term staff taken on by high-street stores across the country reduce service levels.

And it seems this decline in standards of customer service could be linked to the attitudes and dependability of temporary workers. 

One in three said that they were more likely to call in sick to a temporary job than a permanent one, and 41% admitted they were far more likely to avoid responsibility in a temporary job. 

Eugene Burke, director of design and innovation at SHL Group, said: “Our research shows that there is a worryingly high level of dissatisfaction among the spending public when it comes to the service that they are provided at Christmas.

“HR directors should ensure that they can screen out applicants with little desire to do well in a role, and only hire those with commitment.”

Two-thirds of the retail industry’s annual turnover occurs between November and January.

 SHL interviewed 1,000 people for the survey.

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