Best pay rises of 2006 in the east of England

Workers in eastern England received higher salary growth in 2006 than their counterparts in the west, according to research.

The Adecco Salary Survey revealed that the East Midlands, London and the North East topped the pay-rise table this year with 6%, 5% and 5% increases respectively.

The average pay rise across the country was 2%, with almost nine in 10 positions receiving a salary hike.

Sales managers did the best in 2006, with a 4% increase taking them to an average salary of £26,344. Personal assistants and senior accounts clerks also cashed in.

Steven Kirkpatrick, managing director of Adecco UK and Ireland, said: “The predicted GDP forecast for 2006 is 2.2%, so pay levels are increasing in line with the growth of the economy.

“For today’s businesses, finding and retaining the right people at every level is becoming ever more difficult, and the increase in salaries reflects the need for companies to attract the right workers and pay them accordingly.”

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