Marblewire Software announces the release of Trellis 2008

Marblewire Software today announced the release of Trellis 2008 – their training evaluation software program for Windows.

With Trellis 2008, organisations using paper-based evaluation questionnaires can streamline their evaluation process with a system designed to address the challenges of data collection and reporting when working with paper-based questionnaires.

Trellis 2008 is aimed at learning and development professionals in HR and at Training Vendors.

“A recent survey found that about 55% of learning and development professionals use paper-based questionnaires to collect feedback on training events. Of this group, a sizable percentage said they used spreadsheets to analyse the data and produce reports,” said Abdul Abass, founder of Marblewire Software.

“We’ve developed Trellis 2008 to deliver a new level of productivity and control to this group of users.”

With the spreadsheet approach, users set up a spreadsheet and type in the questions from the questionnaire and then set up columns to enter responses against each question.

Afterwards users find themselves spending a lot of time summarising the data and converting it into a report that can be distributed within the organisation.

Also where the workload is shared, more time is spent merging the different spreadsheets.

Trellis 2008 addresses these challenges in the following ways:

1.   It provides a multi-user system with a centralised database that stores all evaluation data in one place.

2.   It has a built-in questionnaire designer which allows users to quickly design questionnaires to suit their requirements without having to work with word processing software. These questionnaires are then available for reuse in any evaluation.

3.   It uses a system of evaluation projects to organise data for each training event into a single unit. This provides a single user-friendly graphical interface from which users can:

            – Enter details of the training event like the name of the course, instructor, delivery method etc, by making selections from preset drop-down lists.

            – Assign any number of questionnaire types for evaluating the training event – post-event, instructor, follow-up etc.

            – Enter respondent feedback using the highly productive data-entry screen that makes it easy for teams to share workloads.

            – Produce feedback reports using charts and frequency tables with the ability to filter reports to only show responses to questions that are of particular interest.

With Trellis 2008, users can output reports in both Word document format and in PDF.

With Word document output, users can add additional text to the document to create a more comprehensive report and with PDF output, can easily distribute reports within their organisation by email.

An added benefit of using Trellis 2008 is its benchmarking facility.

This allows users to set performance indicators for their training events and then monitor this against actual performance.

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