Marketing leads the way as women close pay gap

The annual rewards survey of Chartered Institute of Marketing members indicates that female marketers are sharply closing in on men when it comes to pay and rewards.

They have continually narrowed the gap from 17.6% in 1995 to 2.8% in this latest survey. The survey also reveals that women in junior management positions are earning 5.6% more than their male colleagues.

Other key findings of the report show that pay increases for marketing professionals averaged 3% in the last 12 months with a third receiving a bonus equivalent to 10% of salary.

It finds that senior marketers are now paid between 6% and 9% more than other functions within organisations, with the manufacturing sector topping the scale.

Christine Cryne, chief executive at The Chartered Institute of Marketing, said; “The novelty of women in the workplace is finally starting to fade off after decades of inequality in income and promotional prospects.

“Gender-based inequality still exists, but the survey indicates that, at least within marketing, discrimination is diminishing. The next few years could be crucial for equality campaigners as more and more professions are expected to embrace equal pay.”

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