Marks and Spencer to insulate homes of all staff as part of its ethical agenda

Marks and Spencer (M&S) has pledged to insulate the homes of every employee for free as part of its mission to become the world’s most sustainable retailer by 2015.

Staff will also receive a free home energy monitor and be given the opportunity to take one paid day off a year to do voluntary work in the community where they live, the plans unveiled by the retailer yesterday revealed.

The commitments are among 80 new pledges that extend the firm’s eco and ethical agenda, Plan A, which was first launched in January 2007. These include encouraging customers to live a more sustainable lifestyle, tackling climate change, reducing packaging and waste, being a fairer partner, and protecting natural resources.

Under the revised agenda, all customers and employees are encouraged to live a greener lifestyle and embed sustainability in the way business is done.

Other proposals include recognising the successful delivery of Plan A through bonuses for the management board and introducing an internal price of carbon to encourage employees to reduce the amount of CO2 generated as a business.

Sir Stuart Rose, M&S chairman, said: “We’ve now set ourselves the ambitious target of becoming the world’s most sustainable retailer by 2015, so that we lead the way in making a positive contribution to the environment and society across everything we do and everything we sell.

“Our extended Plan A will reach further and move us faster – covering every part of our business and reaching out to forests, farms, factories, lorries, warehouses and into our customers’ and employees’ homes.”

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