Men are more likely to relocate for promotion

are nearly twice as likely as women to relocate for a promotion, according to
the Work Foundation.

Managing Best Practice guide to Employee Relocation, which investigates trends
in relocation, also reveals a significant burden for HR.

to the report, the HR function is responsible for organising 78 per cent of all

reliance on HR is explained to a great extent by the fact that 72 per cent of
organisations do not train their managers to deal with relocation.

report also shows that 68 per cent of individual relocations cost more than
£10,000, and 11 per cent more than £18,000.

Isles, deputy director of advocacy at The Work Foundation, said: "While
the financial costs are naturally important, the real issues are about people.
Relocation is an incredibly significant event for those involved – particularly
if they have family that has to move abroad."

By Michael Millar

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