Men at the Pru meet unions to avert strikes

bosses are meeting with union Amicus in an effort to avert industrial action.

meeting follows threats by the union to organise industrial action in defence
of 850 call centre jobs Prudential is planning to transfer to India.

general secretary Roger Lyons and a delegation of Amicus representatives at the
insurance company will meet Prudential chief executive Mark Wood today.

said he will lead the union delegation and outline its opposition to the
planned cuts.

glad that Mark Wood has responded so quickly to the anger that his workforce has
shown towards these job cuts," he said. "This meeting is very
important for the 1,000 or so Prudential staff who are under threat.

will stress its opposition to this plan and we will make him understand the
anger that his workforce feel towards this plan.  I hope we can reach an agreement that will save the jobs and the
future of the Pru in Reading."

By Quentin Reade

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