Meyler Campbell programme first in europe to be awarded WABC accreditation

British company Meyler Campbell’s Business Coach Programme today became the first programme in Europe to be awarded “Accredited” status by the world’s leading business coaching body, the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC).

Meyler Campbell’s Business Coach Programme is the premier business coach training programme in the UK today, bringing together tutors and participants from business, government, professional services and academia.

To become WABC Accredited, the Business Coach Programme has had to undergo rigorous independent assessment and will be subject to regular re-evaluation.

Programmes awarded this distinction meet the highest international standards for the professional development of business coaches.

WABC is the first international professional association dedicated exclusively to the business coaching industry and the only association of its kind with advanced membership standards based on business experience, coaching experience and client references.

WABC has been serving business coaches and their clients since 1997.

Commenting on the news, Meyler Campbell Managing Director Anne Scoular said,

“We are absolutely delighted – and exhausted, it has been a long and gruelling process! This is a well-deserved endorsement of our leading position in the market and the extraordinary calibre of our Faculty, and we’re thrilled to be the first in Europe to be awarded this really prestigious distinction.”

“People have asked us why WABC, when there are so many local bodies. We always keep right up to date with what’s going on in accreditation, as it’s such a crucial area, and we are of course aware that so many of the local bodies have been really raising their game lately.

“However, many of them deal with the whole spectrum of coaching, while WABC has the same sole and exclusive focus we do on business coaching.”

She continues: “Secondly, WABC is truly global, and so are our Graduates. Meyler Campbell Graduates are working in India, Brazil, the USA, and right across Europe, so again this meant WABC was the right one for us. Tough to get, but worth it!”

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