Middle managers boost morale and productivity

Middle managers are vital to the success of a business.

According to a survey, by international recruitment consultancy MRINetwork., almost three-quarters of respondents said middle managers boosted company morale and more than half said they had an impact on company productivity.

The study involved 400 HR directors and senior executives, half of whom were from the UK and half from the US.

More than three-quarters of US respondents said middle managers were critical to the company’s success, compared with 64% of UK participants.

“Middle management represents the beating heart of today’s successful companies,” said Steve Mills, senior vice-president of operations at MRINetwork.

Middle managers were also viewed as playing an important part in giving value to the organisation. More than half of UK respondents said middle managers effectively implemented the CEO’s vision, compared with 66% in the US.

And almost 70% of UK respondents said they affected customer satisfaction, compared with 74% in the US.

However, middle managers were not regarded as very innovative with just 38% of UK and 42% of US participants naming innovation as a critical job function.

Mills said: “Middle managers still have some work to do to prove they are as innovative as their senior peers. They are clearly innovative, but they need to market this innovation in a more effective manner to ensure their accomplishments are being recognised.”

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