Military pushes equality diversity programme

The Armed Forces are establishing a ‘cradle to grave’ diversity programme
for all personnel in a bid to improve and promote equality in the services.

The new system, currently being embedded in training schemes, will require
every person in the military to achieve one of six levels of competency, in
promoting and dealing with a diverse workforce.

Its development coincides with the publication of a report that claims the
Army is being undermined by its historically masculine culture.

Commander Nick Foster, commandant with the Tri Service Equal Opportunity
Training Centre, said the programme is part of the services’ ongoing drive to
improve diversity and centralise methods.

"We are articulating our policies in a much more co-ordinated way,
across the three services," Foster said.

Within the first weeks of service, personnel will be trained to level one –
learning about diversity issues, their rights and how to lodge a complaint.

At other stages of their careers, military personnel will be required to
reach more demanding levels of knowledge.

Level six will be for ‘deep specialists’ – those teaching diversity, and
level five will be specifically for senior officers and people involved in
policy development.

Foster said that if any gaps are apparent – for example in how to report a
complaint – training will be improved in that particular area.

By Quentin Reade

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