Mobile phones offer learning success

A brand new mobile phone-based learning programme, developed by leading training provider Protocol Skills, is changing the way training is delivered to busy workers.

The Smart Phone technology enables learners to complete their courses via the internet, without the need for a PC or laptop.

Evidence of learning, such as photos and witness testimonies can be quickly uploaded via the phones, allowing learners to complete their qualifications quickly and easily in their own time.

One company thats already seeing the benefits is Maplin Electronics.  Staff at its Doncaster store and head office in Barnsley have quickly achieved qualifications using Smart Phones and have found the unique approach beneficial for learners.

Dan Stachow, manager of the Doncaster store, said:

“The Smart Phone technology has worked extremely well for us because it has enabled those that don’t have access to a computer to complete the course quickly.

“Working in retail is very fast paced with lots going on so many staff preferred to complete their learning at home.  But the technology is really easy to use and enables staff to upload relevant information and documents at a time and place thats convenient for them.”

Jon O’Boyle, regional director of Protocol Skills, said: “We’re always looking for new ways to make learning easier and more accessible.  The expanding use of mobile phone technology provides a perfect vehicle for people that don’t have internet access at home or work to complete a qualification.”

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