More Magic of Metaphor

More Magic of Metaphor
Author: Nick Owen
Price: 18.99
Publisher: Crown House Publishing
Pages: 335
ISBN: 1904424414


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The book has a story running throughout of a recently graduated magician. The magician is set the task of seeking out and exploring the key attributes of leadership and to record these through stories. The magician has a magic carpet to move around the world, listening to stories from different sources. After each story, the magician and the carpet (his coach) analyse how the story relates to a leader, influencing and motivating others all set against the ‘spiral dynamic’ model.

There are 60 stories, some of which I have relayed to friends who have been really taken with their simple underlying message. Others needed more discussion.

After tackling the theory, the book itself was very easy to read and extremely innovative in its approach. However, I started to find the analysis a bit repetitive after each story and felt that I wanted to work out myself how the model applied to the story, rather than being told.

I was left wondering who would use this book. The stories are thought-provoking and can be used to prompt discussion with others. However, I wondered whether leaders would stay the course of the 330 pages. It may be useful for a coach to dip into with a coachee to explore an idea. But in one go, it may be too much for any aspiring leader.

Useful?  3 stars
Well-written?  5 stars 
Practical?  3 stars
Inspirational?  4 stars
Value for money?  3 stars
Overall  3 stars

Reviewed by Diane Lomas, head of organisational development at Tower Hamlets Council

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