Most staff would report office fraudsters to bosses

Most workers say they would report colleagues who are cheating the company
in the wake of the Enron and WorldCom scandals.

The survey by YouGov, on behalf of KPMG Forensic, finds 83 per cent of
people would report colleagues for major incidents of fraud, while 44 per cent
would report them for minor incidents, such as stealing stationery.

Alex Plavsic, head of fraud investigations at KPMG Forensic, said this is a
marked change.

"In the past, we’ve found that employees have felt less inclined to
report obvious incidents of fraud due to their unwillingness to turn-in fellow
employees, but now, as our survey shows, there has been a significant
turn-around in people’s behaviour.

"The impact that some of the recent corporate failures have had on
people’s lives, which has often resulted in huge numbers of job losses, may
have led to a significant change of attitude towards fraud in the

But, the survey of 1,807 people found respondents were less worried about
the crimes they benefited from, with 41 per cent admitting to having lied to
get a day off.

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