MPs urge Peugeot to reconsider closure of Ryton factory

Midlands-based MPs are putting pressure on Peugeot to consider alternative plans to keep the car maker’s Ryton factory open.

Coventry South MP Jim Cunningham will raise the issue during a half-hour adjournment debate he in Parliament today.

The debate will be about manufacturing in the West Midlands generally, with a special focus on Peugeot.

Cunningham said: “The company should be looking at these things in a serious manner, not just sitting down and saying we have made our decision anyway.

“We’ll also be asking what the [government] strategy for West Midlands manufacturing jobs is and what they’re going to do about the lack of skills in the West Midlands as well.”

Coventry North-west MP Geoffrey Robinson – a former Jaguar chief executive – will join in the calls for jobs to be protected in Coventry.

Trade and industry minister Margaret Hodge is expected to reply.

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