MSc in HR Development & Recruitment, Lancaster University Management School

How long?
The MSc in Recruitment & Human Resource Development comprises seven workshops and a dissertation over a 24-month period, starting in September each year. For each module, students attend a short block of teaching – generally three to four days – based in hotels at Lancaster or the Lake District. The taught element is concentrated in the first 18 months of the course when the seven workshops take place; during the final six months, participants undertake a project and dissertation.

Entry qualifications
A first degree would be required, as well as several years experience in recruitment and HR development. Participants do not officially have to be working in this environment while taking the course, although they might find it useful.

Course participants complete seven workshops during the first 18 months of the course. Participants are expected to complete three projects plus one examination. During the final six months, participants undertake a substantial project and dissertation in which they investigate a particular HRD or recruitment issue in depth and conduct an extensive piece of research.

Career opportunities
The qualification would be useful to those working in recruitment but who want a greater awareness and understanding in the field, or those who want to leave an organisation to set up their own recruitment business. Additionally, because the course also covers HR development, it would help those already working in recruitment but who want more involvement in HR-related activities. Lancaster University Management School is the only organisation providing this course, which was launched last year.

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