My mentor

Former Pentland Group Hr director Chris Matchan on the qualities that make Cadbury
Schweppes director Chris Bones his career confident

Chris Matchan, former group HR director of the Pentland Group, says his
mentor has followed his progress around the globe – quite literally. He met
Chris Bones when they both worked for United Distillers between 1992 and 1997.
Bones is currently group organisation effectiveness and development director
for Cadbury Schweppes.

When Matchan left his position in Hong Kong as United Distillers regional
personnel manager for Asia, Bones took over as HR director. After two years as
HR director for Australia, Matchan returned to London as international HR
manager. Meanwhile, Bones had also returned to the UK – as Matchan’s boss.

But Matchan says the change in power was never a problem. "He never
changed his approach or style to me. He was consistent, both as a colleague and
a boss."

Matchan cites listening as one of Bones’ key qualities. "He is the
world’s busiest man, but he always found time for me."

Occasionally, Matchan finds himself imitating Bones, right down to some of
the phrases he uses. He says Bones taught him to give people honest feedback,
to listen to them and to be non-judgemental.

Matchan is still in touch with Bones and seeks his advice whenever he’s
about to make a career decision. He has recently moved to global executive
search firm Korn/Ferry International as vice-president in consumer practice.

"I’ve always asked him for his advice when I’ve moved on. He’s the
first person I ring up. I value his view because he’s good and he knows

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