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Carol Eaton, training director, Reed Business Information (RBI)


I’m dreadful. Where business reading is concerned, I’m totally driven by
‘need-reading’ and ‘great timing’ or ‘opportunity headlines’. By that I mean I’ll
read an article in Personnel Today or Training because the headlines have
grabbed my attention as the timing is relevant to a project I’m working at that

It draws me in though because then, over lunch, I’ll flick through the
publication to see what else is topical.

Need-reading is driven by a project that is presented to me on which I don’t
feel I know enough. I’ll research what has been written recently in management
publications that pass across my desk in order to get a more rounded picture.


My all-time favourite is Management and Organisational Behaviour by Laurie
Mullens – a mine of useful information for any manager. I also like anything by
Charles Handy or Peter Drucker.

I find most ‘How to’ books written by US chief executive gurus extremely
irritating. As far as leisure reading is concernedÉ remind me what leisure is


Tragic – I always watch Angel and whatever news programme I feel like tuning
into at 10pm. I tend to watch one-offs, so I don’t have to worry about having
to keep up with the storyline.

I got excited watching The Commander recently – Amanda Burton was driving
the same black Volvo C70 convertible as mine, which did my street cred a lot of
good in the days following.


I love a laugh on the way to work in the mornings and hate verbal adverts
getting in the way, so listen to Wogan.

On the way home, I’m usually too knackered to care so have the roof down and
I listen to my favourite CDs. On weekends, I also listen to CDs.


I enjoy really clever or humorous advertisements in print or on TV. One that
impressed me the most in Personnel Today recently was the Hewitt, Bacon and
Woodrow ad, which made up outlines of people from words and questions. Very
good and really made the point of the ad.


This has become my lifeline. I’m more intimate with Jeeves (
than is probably healthy, but he delivers exceedingly excellent results!

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