My resources

Marie Cleary, HR manager at Poole Hospital NHS Trust

Publications I read The Independent newspaper daily because of its
reporting style on current issues. As an HR manager in the NHS, Health Service
Journal has an excellent coverage of key service and employment issues and is
always interesting and readable. I find much of my reading time is taken with
keeping up-to-date with what is happening in the service from the extensive NHS
literature available.  I especially
enjoy reading about what is happening in other hospitals and use these articles
to network with colleagues nationally.

Books I learn more from reading about individuals and particularly
enjoy biographies. I have recently read books by early travellers and
explorers, whom I find inspirational in their drive to push themselves and
challenge what was usual for their time.

TV I watch Newsnight when I can for its broad update on the day’s
events as well as more in-depth reporting of issues, and also because it is on
at a time when I can relax and enjoy catching up with events.

Radio I tend to listen to the radio at weekends rather than during
the week and usually tune in to news programmes.

Advertisements I always like advertisements that capture the
imagination and which stand out from the rest – where creativity gives a
positive image of an organisation.

Internet I use the NHS sites to get updated information and find the
Gee Employment Service subscription site really useful for checking employment
law issues. Otherwise, I access any site that may be worth visiting.

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