National Grid powers up new P&MM website

National Grid has selected P&MM Employee Benefits to manage its employee discount scheme for a second year. National Grid is an international electricity and gas company and one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world and plays a vital role in providing energy to millions of customers across Great Britain and the Northeast US in an efficient, reliable and safe manner. The programme is being delivered via a compelling new website, designed specifically to service the employee benefits market by leading provider P&MM.

Employees have access to thousands of discounts at both National and Local retailers. Discounts are accessible to employees via the biggest number of discounted purchasing channels in the UK employee benefits market, these include telephone, online voucher codes, cash back, sms codes and retail store vouchers, and these are complimented by p&mms unique discounted travel concierge service The website provides an interactive portal for employees to explore the special offers available to them and then choose the appropriate discount channel which suits their individual shopping needs.

“It’s the ultimate employee discount website providing excellent deals at all of the mainstream shops and stores in the UK” said Caroline Adams Employee Benefits Manager at National Grid. “The new Lifestyles website will not only aid us in offering our staff a vast array of discounts but will help us boost employee engagement.

Caroline continued: “The fresh and engaging design of the new website together with the high quality brochure and the full complement of offers and benefits really was the winner for us when searching for an employee benefits provider. The range of savings on everyday items as well as luxury purchases, with 35 different vouchers on offer, covering over 30,000 popular high street stores, means that there really is something to appeal to everyone. It’s a very effective way of rewarding and helping our diverse workforce make the most of their income.

Richard Davies, head of P&MM Employee Benefits, commented: “We’ve analysed the different methods of delivering employee savings schemes and having over 8 years experience in the business has enabled us to streamline and enhance our offering into this comprehensive new employee savings platform. It’s extremely user-friendly, can be tailored to meet specific needs and offers the employer a great opportunity to communicate with their staff in an engaging way.”

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