National Trust staff given ‘leap day’ off to save the planet

The National Trust is to give all its staff and volunteers an extra paid day off on 29 February in a bid to help reduce the organisation’s carbon footprint.

The Times reports that the charity is encouraging other employers to join its Green Leap Day initiative, aimed at tackling climate change.

Staff will be encouraged to use the day to take part in environmental activities such as promoting recycling or switching to energy efficient lighting.

Fiona Reynolds, the trust’s director-general, told the paper: “We want organisations of all sorts and sizes to come on board in whatever form they are able, to encourage people to do something for the environment.”

The initiative has received the backing from the TUC. General secretary Brendan Barber said: “Giving employees an extra day off work while encouraging them to think about what they can do to go greener sounds like a great idea.”


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