Nearly half of young black people are out of work

Almost half of young black people are jobless, according to analysis by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR).

The analysis found that 48% of black people aged between 16 and 24 are now unemployed, a 13% increase since the recession began, and well over twice as many as white young people (20%).

IPPR’s analysis also found that mixed ethnic groups have seen the biggest overall increases in unemployment, rising from 21% in March 2008 to 35% in November 2009.

The smallest increase, up 6% to 31%, has been among young Asian people. Overall youth unemployment stands at 943,000, the highest for 15 years.

Lisa Harker, co-director of IPPR, said: “These findings are a worrying reminder that although the recession is affecting all young people, those from ethnic minorities or with fewer qualifications are far more likely to become part of a generation lost to unemployment and disadvantage.

“Extra action should be considered, such as increasing the number of Future Jobs Fund places in disadvantaged areas.”

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