New book demonstrating how to get Return on Investment from Organisational Development

GPSVision Ltd are delighted to announce the publication of their new book entitled “Beyond the Happy Sheet to the Bottom Line – Solving the Return on Investment Challenge”.

Our book will provide its readers with all the answers to managing Return on Investment effectively across their organisations.

We share our knowledge and expertise developed over the last ten years in helping our customers to solve the challenge of evaluating the return on investment from organisational development activities.

Written in a very straight forward and pragmatic style, our book addresses the following points:

It sets the scene for the need to develop a positive ROI culture across an organisation and highlights the need to shift from a faith based culture around the effects of training to an evidence base.

It details eight case studies highlighting the approach taken around evaluating leadership and coaching programmes. ROI figures range from savings of £162,500 against a £16,000 investment to a £85,000 saving against a £10,000 investment. The case studies will provide an excellent framework for others to copy:

  1. developing the leadership team

  2. managing organisational change

  3. developing talent

  4. facing competition

  5. supporting cultural change

  6. developing tomorrow’s leaders

  7. learning through coaching

  8. performance coaching

It highlights the essential steps required to implement a ROI methodology across the organisation and includes a range of different approaches relevant to different stakeholders.

The final chapter provides information on our unique web based system, OdissyTM, which will be available for organisations to independently make ROI an efficient and manageable process for them.

“Having previewed the book – it is well worth buying; lots of practical advice and really good case studies” National Training Awards Judge & Former Director of Organisational Development

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