Kineo, Sportiv8 and League Football Education collaborate on Olympics-themed e-learning

Kineo, Sportiv8 and League Football Education have announced a partnership to work together to produce a ground breaking approach to provide re-usable e-learning resources on functional skills for apprentices and learners within traditional school and college programmes.

The project, funded by a Learning Innovation Grant from the Association of Learning Providers, is different in a number of ways:

  • It will use scenarios based around the 2012 Olympics. Based around what it takes for athletes to prepare for the great event, it will use contributions from promising and top athletes to make it authentic and engaging for the learners.

  • It will be made available for free to all schools and colleges in the UK via a “get set” Olympic web portal.

  • It will have an easy to use toolkit to allow the material to be used in a wide variety of settings. To show the ease of use of the toolkit the same content will be converted to a football context by League Football Education for AASE learners.

By making the material and contextualisation pack freely available the project will provide resources that can be used throughout the education sector. This will save providers millions of pounds and address a very real shortfall that currently exists with the lack of availability of functional skills material.

The Functional Skills content will be used to support NVQ’s, 14-19 Diploma’s, Technical Certificates and programmes designed for disengaged and hard to reach learners. A key factor of the content will be the flexibility it allows providers, making it relevant to both Work Based Learning and more traditional education based study programmes.

The e-learning content will be designed by Kineo, leaders in innovative e-learning design, and will provide realistic contexts, scenarios and problems that:

  • specify tasks that are relevant to the context

  • require application of knowledge, skills and understanding for a purpose

  • require problem solving

  • assess process skills and the outcome of their application in different contexts

The project will use the power of sport to engage with a wide range of learners. By creating material contextualised for the 2012 Olympics, there will be using a high profile, highly visible context. The lifetime of the core material can be extended by re-contextualising for other high profile events, such as the rugby world cup and the 2018 football world cup.

Russell Grocott from Sportiv8 said:

“It’s the first time that sporting scenarios have been used in such a flexible way in mainstream education. It will engage young people who are not stimulated by traditional education. What makes it really exciting, is the chance to offer everyone in education the chance to make their own versions of the content – perhaps based around the Rugby World Cup or even the Football World Cup (should England get it!)”

Mark Harrison, Director of Kineo said:

“It’s great to work on a project that will provide so many opportunities for everyone out there to use the content we create to produce their own learning modules, for little extra cost – at Kineo, we have always tried to help people do more for less – this is right down our street.”

Alan Sykes of League Football Education said:

“LFE is one of the leading work based learning providers in the UK with a graduation rate that is over 20 per cent above the national average. So we know what is required to give young people in education the best chance to succeed. This partnership will extend this success to an even wider audience maximising on the exciting results that can be achieved through contextual-based learning and the use of innovative online technology.”

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