New CIPD DVDs help trainers tailor information for perfect audience fit

A new series of training DVDs from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is to be officially launched at the 2008 Annual CIPD Conference at Harrogate.

The Training with Vision series has been designed specifically to help trainers give sharper, better tailored and more compelling training sessions.
Designed by HR and training experts, the series breaks away from drama-based learning, typical of training films.

Instead, actors illustrate learning points in very short slots of up to seven minutes, enabling trainers to screen a selection of learning points most relevant to a particular session.
Commenting on the Performance Management DVD, the first to be released in the series, Terry Gillen, Author and Series Consultant says:
“We know from research published by the CIPD into high performance working that many organisations see appraisals, performance reviews and career development as key elements of their performance management strategy. Unfortunately, too many managers don’t see appraisals in the same positive light.
“We’ve used our experience based on many years of training ‘reluctant’ managers, not just to do annual appraisals ‘a bit better’ but to fully understand how they benefit from the component skills and to use them in everyday management, to produce these DVDs.

“Trainers and HR Managers will be able to select from the DVD’s … scenes to demonstrate precisely the skills their managers need in whatever bite-size chunks fit the time they have available.”
Following on from Performance Management, the next two DVDs in the series will focus on Coaching Skills for line managers and Customer Service. 

Each DVD is supported by additional resources such as handouts, quizzes and evaluation tools available in an online Trainer’s Guide.

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