Non-EU immigrants approved jobs list published

Proposals intended to cut the number of foreign workers coming to the UK from outside the EU have been revealed today.

The Migration Advisory Committee has drawn up a list of jobs that attract too few applicants.

Skilled workers from outside the EU will only be allowed into the UK if they can help to fill these shortages, the committee said.

The list will prevent employers being cut off from the skills they need, said immigration minister Liam Byrne.

“Our new, Australian-style, points system is flexible to meet the needs of British business while ensuring that only those we want and no more can come here to work. This tough new ‘shortage occupation’ list supports that,” said Byrne.

“This strict list means 30% fewer jobs are available to migrants via the shortage occupation route. Those that do come will need to work hard, play by the rules and speak English.”

Positions like maths and science teachers will be open, as will civil and chemical engineers, quantity surveyors and project managers needed for property development and construction, but other jobs will face restrictions.

Last month, Personnel Today learned of an expected bottleneck of employers seeking migrant worker licences when new immigration laws come into effect in November.

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