New data security elearning course created to protect brand reputation

A leading UK university and elearning company have paired up to create an online training course to instruct staff how to protect electronically stored data more effectively.

Durham University and Marshall ACM have produced a 45-minute online course covering Records Management/Information Security/Data protection and Freedom of Information. Not only is the course available for all Durham University staff, it is also available for businesses to help ensure responsible business continuity. 

The elearning course aims to help staff to understand the risks and take precautionary measures to secure sensitive data. It includes legal implications, principles of effective record management, as well as how to sensibly apply the knowledge into every day work activities.

Mark Crabtree, Assistant Director of HR at Durham University, explains, “Information security is fundamental to business continuity and the protection of an organisation’s reputation.  Not least, it also aids compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. 

“For us, it’s more than procedural.  We want to ensure we have the right systems in place to support staff and to ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities in managing and handling information.  Many of the university’s staff are electing to take the course to thoroughly understand the risks and then take precautionary measures.”

David Marshall, CEO of Marshall ACM, adds, “No individual would ever want to be responsible for the loss of data or for the next bad headline.  Far too many organisations have suffered extremely negative publicity in this way, so this is a route to help employees learn about effective data and IT security”.





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